Cultural Heritage of North Paddington

This was a new project for Paddington Arts. We worked with a Year 6 class from Queens Park Primary School to look at the local area and their own family history and culture, using photography and video, and producing an exhibition that was displayed in the local library. We also visited the Museum of Brands and brought in a group of elders to talk about their experiences of living in the area going back to the second world war.

“I liked the photography because I saw how the angles worked, and I liked the videoing because I got to ask a lot of questions” Afriya, age 11

“I liked the fact that we could bring objects into the class and talk about our country and culture. It gave you a good feeling and made us feel proud.” Nour, age 11

“I learnt something that I never knew before because I asked my mother something and it was about her family.” Anesah, age 11