Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth was developed in partnership with Turtle Key Arts, working with students from Hillingdon School, which is an autism-specialist school in West London.

First of all the students worked with the talented poet Cheryl Moskowitz, exploring a range of writing techniques and means of expressing them.

With a portfolio of poems to hand, the students then visited Paddington Arts for a week-long digital media project where they illustrated their written work to create animated films. The students used a range of techniques including hand-drawn illustration and digitising these to then create designs with photoshop.

Some example of the visual poems can be seen here:

Airlock Doors by Hugues:

Hugues from Building Blocks on Vimeo.

Money: By Shakeem from Building Blocks on Vimeo.

Friendship: By Olivia from Building Blocks on Vimeo.

Monsters (By Tyrell) from Building Blocks on Vimeo.