Youth Arts Online

Youth Arts Online is a website targeted at young adult aged between 16-26 who are interested in performing arts such as dance, music, media, fashion, art and drama. It is an online magazine and digital network where the youngsters can learn and read about events. We are interns who are interested in digital media and fashion, we are involved in analysing articles and reading about events which we later explore about in further detail as we are extremely passionate about this subject.

Our own hopes are to succeed in life. We believe the only way to achieve this aim is to work hard in our education and not take opportunities for granted as well as to not give up. We believe youth arts online can help youngsters to succeed in life by getting them creatively involved in arts which opens doors. We also believe all young people should be taught about ‘grit’ which means determination and teaches the young adults never to give up which is needed as the arts is competitive area which needs support and practise.

As the creative industry is very ambitious the young people need to have a sense of uniqueness and aspire to reach the high level standards needed to succeed in this multimedia corporation. This involves the young people to be determined in what they choose to do in the creative industry.

Youth arts online can help young people as it’s a passionate online magazine which allows the young person to explore the aspects they are interested in. Youth arts online can help the young person start building up their dreams as it provides opportunities for the young people to write articles and explore other topics in the same arts criteria which helps them learn which then could then help fulfil the dreams they are aiming for.

We believe new technology can help young people make a living from their creative talents. This can help with gaining publicity and help them understand their strengths and weaknesses as the youngsters could be given good critical advise which can later help in succeeding in the arts, creative industry. Sometimes in the creative industry young people need to be given advice in which they can improve in.

The advice we as young people give to those who want to work in the creative industry is that never give up on your dreams and have ‘GRIT’. NEVER LOSE DETERMINATION!

Tasnim and Amina, age 15

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