Tiana and the bees

A day with the Bees
Today I was invited to a bee inspection by Steve. Before we started our inspection of the honey bees we put on our protective gear; when we started I let the professionals do their work as I was not as confident being near the bees. I sat and I watched, growing more confident around the bees; I asked many questions and learnt a lot of things, like the queen bee has a distinctive white spot near the top of its back. I also learnt that the worker bees are female and the drones (which perform no useful help in the colony) are male and are bigger than the worker bees. I eventually got closer to the bees and held a frame with honeycomb and compared it to one which the worker bees had not started, the weight difference was incredible. I really enjoyed the bee inspection very much and would do it again.

Tiana, age 14

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