Shirali Patil

In year 12, I had the opportunity to do work experience at Paddington Arts. A week before my work experience took place, a fellow student from my school and I went down to Paddington Arts and met the Director Steve Shaw who asked us a few questions about the subjects we take subjects and our aspirations.

The first day at Paddington Arts was exciting as we were working on a project called My London by young people for young people. We were taken to the Digital Newsroom where we met some interns from a young enterprise group called You Press, they were all very friendly and had a convincing set of opinions that they were passionate about.

The My London project consisted of me writing about fifteen of my favorite places in London as well as taking pictures of each location. The first thing I did was research, a whole lot of it. It was incredibly important to get the facts right, so that if anyone actually visited these locations they had an idea of what it was like before actually visiting. Creating a homepage for the website was my favorite part; it took me nine different drafts until I was pleased with the overall aesthetic and achieved the perfect homepage for my website.

After I had finished the first project, I was then asked to write an article about my opinion of London, my likes, dislikes etc. This was something that I wasn’t quite fond of (writing articles that is), however to my surprise I enjoyed writing it. This was because I was able to add my sarcastic wit and talk about all the awful things London has to offer such as it weather. But don’t worry; I also included the many things I love about London the variety of festivals London holds. During the second week I wrote a short story. The only was to describe it is…dark. Yes I wrote a story about a serial killer who kills his victims for hiding their flaws or worse, lying about them, called The Knife in the Sink. I wrote the story in a time span of two days. I was heavily influenced by a TV show I previously watched and loved, which made the process a whole lot easier.

Now to my favorite part of my experience, creating a photo book. This was extremely enjoyable as I am passionate about photography. The photo book included around thirty pictures I had taken as well as a brief description about each image. Putting the photo book together was the hardest part; I ended up with eight different variations before I was pleased with the results. However when it came together I was extremely pleased and excited to see it published in real life as kindly Steve offered to print it for me.

Overall, my time at Paddington Arts has been very excitable and enjoyable. I found new elements within the creative field that I would have never imagined enjoying at all, such as writing articles. Moreover through this I have discovered a wonderful platform where young people are given a chance to share their voice, which has given me a chance to share my photography along with sensitive current issues.


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