Sarah Ahmad

I’m so grateful I got to experience the workplace in London, especially with Paddington Arts. Before arriving in London from Philadelphia, I was extremely nervous about multiple things, culture shock, leaving my family and friends behind, etc. But, Paddington Arts made me feel at home. I worked for You Press, the You Press office is held in the Digital News Room in Paddington Arts. When Farah (co-founder of You Press) first interviewed me, I could not have been more excited about getting started. When my first week finally came, Farah had been filming in Poland, so Sharon and Steve showed me around and told me everything I would need to know. They made me feel right at home!
Now that my time in London and at Paddington Arts is over I feel very upset that I will probably not get to see this amazing staff again! I will definitely be keeping in touch, and when I eventually get back to London this will be one of my first visits! Thank you Paddington Arts / You Press for giving me the opportunity to express myself through video production and experience a side of London most Americans don’t get to see!

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