Terms & Conditions


  • The hirer will be liable for any insurance claims and for indemnifying Paddington Arts in respect of any insurance claims arising from activities in connection with the hire. Paddington Arts is not insured for hirers’ personal or company property or possessions and cannot accept liability for any loss or damage.
  • Paddington Arts reserves the right to request any hirers to leave where any Terms and Conditions are not complied with, with no refund.
  • Paddington Art is a secular organisation, we do not hire spaces for worship but will consider booking requests from religious organisations to hold other functions.

Finish Times

  • On week days and Saturdays, hirers must vacate the building by 11pm.
  • On Sundays, hirers must vacate the building by 9pm.

Special Events

  • For wakes and receptions after funerals the fee is £825 inc VAT.
    For christenings and weddings, please contact the office for prices.

Bookings, Payment & Cancellations.

  • All hires must be paid for in advance unless account terms have been agreed with Paddington Arts.
  • Provisional bookings can only be held up to 5 working days prior to the event.
  • Booking requests must be confirmed in writing via the online booking form or e-mail and must include enough time to set up, decorate, clear away and vacate the premises. Requests for equipment (and additional furniture) must be confirmed in writing at the time of booking. (Please note that if we are not able to meet your furniture requirements, hirers will need to hire extra furniture from external companies).
  • Once a booking is confirmed, cancellations made more than 5 working days prior to the event will incur a £50 (inc VAT) cancellation fee. If a cancellation is made within 5 working days of the event, the full invoice amount will be payable.
  • For bookings outside office hours, (Monday to Friday 10am – 6pm), an additional caretaking fee is charged at £21.50 p/h inc. VAT.
  • For large bookings of 25 attendees or more, a refundable £50 cleaning deposit per room must be paid prior to the event.
  • For large bookings, hirers may be asked to pay 50% of the full invoice amount within 1 month of confirming the booking.
  • There is no catering service operating at Paddington Arts, hirers are advised to make their own catering arrangements.

Use of Rooms

  • Hirers must leave the room(s), vacate the premises and disperse from the surrounding neighbourhood promptly and quietly at the designated time.
  • Any overrun on a booking will result in part or all of the cleaning deposit being forfeited (plus extra hire charge if deemed necessary).
  • No filming is permitted as part of a room hire unless by prior arrangement.
  • Hirers exhibiting art work are asked display them on portable mounting boards. Paddington Arts pictures and posters boards are not to be removed without the prior consent of the management.
  • No food or furniture is permitted in the Dance Studio.
  • At the end of the events or hire, the designated person is responsible for restoring room(s) to good order. If the room is not restored to good order by the hirer the refundable cleaning deposit will be forfeited.

Use of sound equipment.

  • CD/iPod/mp3 systems are available for hire.
  • Sound equipment and PA systems (from external companies) are permitted at Paddington Arts by prior arrangement.
  • Sound levels will be monitored at all times. If the decibel level exceeds 92.5, the hirer will be informed and asked to reduce the volume.  Failure to comply may result in the hirer and their guests being asked to leave the premises, with no refund.

Car Parking

  • There are 2 car parking spaces in the Paddington Arts forecourt and these can be made available to visitors by prior arrangement.
  • 4-hour short stay metered parking is available in Woodfield Road, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.30pm. Payable by credit card.  The cost is £1.20 per hour. Free parking at all other times.
  • Hirers are reminded that the use of the Getty Images car park (21 Woodfield Road, London, W9 2BA) is strictly prohibited and that the access road to the Paddington Arts and Getty Images car parks should be kept clear at all times.  Anyone contravening the car parking policy will be asked to move their vehicle immediately.

Health and Safety

  • Paddington Arts is a non-smoking building.
  • The hirer must provide the name of a designated representative for the hire, who shall be present and responsible throughout the duration of the hire.
  • The hirer and any guests associated with the hire must undertake to comply with the health and safety procedures of the building, to include the fire evacuation procedure, reasonable behaviour and room capacities. If these are contravened, the hirer will be informed. If the hirer and any guests then fail to comply with Paddington Arts health and safety procedures, they will be asked to leave the premises with no refund.
  • Paddington Arts accepts no responsibility for children on its premises: any children permitted to enter the building in connection with a room hire MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult.