On the Farm

We made a fire in the woods where Paddington Arts had planted trees in the past around 25 years ago. The fire was made bush style using the dry logs to keep the fire blazing. We roasted bananas and fried potatoes. The potatoes were picked by ourselves just less than 50 yards away from where we was staying. The young people made me a shelter made out of leaves and branches which they labelled Zippy’s Den. I could honestly say I was touched.

Sitting around the fire with the locals, we discussed life on the farm and the spiritual attraction that is also a magnet for visitors.

Glastonbury is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and on the top of the Glastonbury Tor the landscapes come to life. We also made a trip up the Tor in the night. Once we got to the top we all laid on the grass staring into the cloudy sky catching a glimpse of the stars as the parted clouds passed over us. I witnessed a shooting star and heard the sound a flute and a group of women known as goddesses singing in the background in what was the last remains of a church that had been destroyed by an earthquake.


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