Mary Babin from New York

Coming to London from America, I had certain predispositions about  what the people would be like here. Let’s just say I didn’t think people would be very friendly, especially when I come from a country that has mixed reviews. At Paddington Arts, my idea of the workplace and people was altered completely. On my first day, Sharon welcomed me and showed me the ropes of how everything worked. After accidentally hanging up on people a couple times when trying to transfer the call, I finally was able to get into the swing of things. I’ve become quite fond of everyone from Eldora, who I was admittedly timid of before fully meeting, to Junior, who I have some nice chats with in the mornings. I look forward to coming in each day because I’m always welcomed with a warming, “MARRRRY,” from Junior as I step in the door. And as the day progresses, I love gossiping about our favorite TV shows with Kathy and bothering Sharon about British life and basically everything else while we work.

As an intern, I have gained experience in a plethora of subjects. First and foremost, I am an intern for Youth Arts Online, the website created as a digital platform for young creatives. From this I have gained journalism and public relations skills, in regard to writing stories and being a representative for the social media. I have also learned the ways of the office.Mary Babin Like I said, figuring out how to transfer calls took a little more time that I had imagined, but taking calls and making plans for bookings soon became second nature. In addition, when helping Eldora, I was able to see how the shows are put on at Paddington Arts. From stringing tinsel for the Christmas Show to putting up the black curtains, it was interesting to see what all goes on in preparation. Finally, Steve took me to a meeting with the London Print Studios where I was able to see different methods of printing, whether for leisure or mass-production. From these experiences and more, I have learned so much.

I wouldn’t change anything about my time here, and it’s going to be weird going back home and not seeing the building and staff every day (or every Tuesday to Friday). I know that Paddington Arts has lost funding, and I hope that it will still be here (if or when) I return to London! It’s too good of a place to let go of.

Mary Babin

From New York

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