Lyndsey Kincaid

Throughout my time in London, the city has really grown on me and I’ve come to imagine myself possibly living and working here. Not only do I love all that the city has to offer, but there’s so many things and places that are opened to explore.

Now that my time in London is coming to an end, I reflect on my experience. Prior to finding out my internship through my study abroad program, I didn’t know what to expect. However, once I showed up at Paddington Arts for my interview, which lasted for 2 hours, I knew that I could expect to enjoy my seven weeks interning for the organization. Fortunately, I’ve had the best of both worlds during my time here in London. Through my program I had the opportunity to take classes during the first seven weeks, and do a great deal of traveling during the weekends. And in the last seven weeks I had the privilege of experiencing what it’s like to work in the city of London.

During my time at Paddington Arts, I worked along side the recently founded social enterprise, YouPress. Throughout the weeks I assisted in brainstorming strategies to bring more attraction to YouPress and their new writing platform, ScribersHive. Besides strategizing, I also had the opportunity to grow as a writer by writing numerous articles for ScribersHive. I was inspired to step outside of my comfortzone and to try out different styles of writing while also advance my creativity and come up with various topics to write about.

I was drawn to Paddington Arts and YouPress because of their mission to support the youth to get their voice out and to voice their opinions whether it be through the arts, such as dancing, singing, acting, or whether it’s through writing because words have an immense amount of power. These organizations have inspired me to not only use my gift as a writer to better and positively influence others, but to also get out there and get involved in more organizations like them.

Leaving London is a bittersweet moment. Although I’m elated to return home to my family and friends, I’m really going to miss this amazing city and the people who I have met so far. I’ve found that people are very welcoming and friendly, in terms of my internship and just traveling, and I’m going to miss that. However, I know after this experience that I will be back. I’m beyond grateful to have worked with Paddington Arts and YouPress. It’s always rewarding to contribute in two organizations that are focused on making a positive change in the world.

Lyndsey Kincaid

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