Farm Trip Diary

We arrived at the farm pretty late, but we all got comfortable in our own space in our bedrooms. We then went downstairs into the lounge room where the rules where explained after we chilled out.

We got up early, eat breakfast, then we went to feed the animals, half of the day we chilled then we went to the tor walk, came back and chilled.
We did a photography workshop which I loved. We went round in pairs and took photos of different things such as trees, flowers and leaves.

Woke up to sun everyone changed for the swimming, went swimming place was cool. After we headed back me, kaycee, sherae went bike riding. It was live then went sleep. Oh yeah forest camp.

I stayed and did the gardening. We dug up beetroots and lettuce and then potatoes. I also watered all the plants.
Went more bikes riding with Sherae, Kaycee, then we blazed music on Kyles speaker and relaxed we made new friends.
We also did a Video workshop. We each made up a news story

Woke up, ate breakfast, packed out stuff and got back in the minibus and back to London.
I would definitely go again.
DSC_7778 copy

Farm trip 2014 from Paddington Arts on Vimeo.

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