Carnival 2013

Hello my name is Kyle Joseph and I participated in Notting Hill & Kingston Carnivals this year with Elimu Paddington Arts; which was great fun. I was very excited for months while my costume was being made as I couldn’t wait to see the spectator’s reactions to my brightly coloured costume representing “The Sun”.

I have taken part in carnival now with Elimu Paddington Arts for a number of years and worn a number of Junior King costumes. I enjoy helping in the camp, learning new dance routines and participating in the carnivals; especially being part of a group of other costume wearers bringing together the big jigsaw of vibrant themed colours.

For me carnival is all about seeing your costume design coming to life, having fun, enjoying the beats and showing off my moves.

Notting Hill Carnival is a very unique parade bringing lots of different people, sounds and floats together on the roads I normally watch through the windows of my bus. I feel very lucky to have a carnival like Notting Hill on my doorstep and look forward to doing it all again next year…I wonder what I will be wearing?

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