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30th anniversary slideshow

Enjoy this slideshow, highlights from our 30 years history

‘Take Me Away’ 9-15 dance group at annual show 2017

Priya Shah

I came to Paddington Arts as part of my year 12-work experience in July 2017. For my work experience I wanted the opportunity to do something creative, in order to bring out my inner drive and my school had recommended…

Shirali Patil

In year 12, I had the opportunity to do work experience at Paddington Arts. A week before my work experience took place, a fellow student from my school and I went down to Paddington Arts and met the Director Steve…

Youth Dance Platform 2017

Paddington Arts and Paddington Festival 2017 present Youth Dance Showcase

Lyndsey Kincaid

Throughout my time in London, the city has really grown on me and I’ve come to imagine myself possibly living and working here. Not only do I love all that the city has to offer, but there’s so many things…

Sarah Ahmad

I’m so grateful I got to experience the workplace in London, especially with Paddington Arts. Before arriving in London from Philadelphia, I was extremely nervous about multiple things, culture shock, leaving my family and friends behind, etc. But, Paddington Arts…