My time at Paddington Arts

I started my time at Paddington Arts at the start of July 2016. In Yr 12 my school requires all students to par take in work experience. Having been told about an art centre I applied for the position however they specified they were looking for someone who was creative. Then having applied we were offered an interview on March where I was offered a two week placement the start of July.

On my first day my we were given a work station in the Pyramid room and where me and two other people from my school. To work we were given to Mac computers to work from. For the majority of the day we were left to get to grips with using these computers and getting everything set up. Once this was accomplished we were tasked to make an alternative poster design to Paddington Arts upcoming production ’Street Life’ – The tale of the red balloon using inspiration from the existing design.

Over the remaining days we were given many tasks which helped develop skills and taught us new ones such as conducting interviews, writing a transcript, street photography. However on the Friday I was given the opportunity to edit a compilation of footage from a local primary school about an art week that their school was hosting. I continued to do this until the next week Tuesday were the production took of as that was the opening week of the production.

Overall i found the second week to be more enjoyable than the first as I felt that there was more integration with the with staff and youths that were working at Paddington Arts. In addition the combined effort of everyone committing to the up coming production the result felt more rewarding than completing the smaller tasks in the previous week. On the final day I helped one of the directors Steve film the production so that the footage could be used to show off the production and to help show people who didn’t work on it the effort and the time involved and how an idea became something interesting and complex.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Paddington Arts and I feel it that I have gained and learned a lot that you wouldn’t be able to learn in a classroom environment such as time management, making decisive decisions while under pressure, and performing efficiently to meet deadlines. I feel like very grateful for the opportunity and I am thankful for everything that I have learnt including some new skills related to acting such as stage positioning, body language, and how to amplify the sound of your voice even if you are naturally shy.

Paddington Arts is a wonderful place full of opportunity that has a very friendly and supportive environment that encourages positivity. It truly feels like a little community. If given the oppertunity to work her again as an Intern/work experience or full time I would.

By Amar Singh Perihar, age 17

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